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What I Miss

What do I have to do to convince you?

It's not holding your hand that I miss...
it's having someone close to me who listens and cares.
It's not looking intimately into your eyes that I miss...
It's seeing a person who understands me, genuinely seeing me for who I am, and accepting me that way.
It's not talking late into the night that I miss...
it's having those deep discussions that leave me to think about the wisdom you've shared with me and the advice you've given me.
It's not being able to say, "I have a boyfriend" that I miss...
it's having to tell everyone, "I had a best friend, but now he doesn't want to talk to me anymore."
It's not dreaming of a future with you that I miss...
it's openly discussing my future with you, and hearing your imput, guidence and encouragement about my plans and decisions.
It's not being able to hold you and touch you that I miss...
it's the fellowship and growth together in our faith.
It's not having the feeling that someone loves me and is always thinking of me that I miss...
it's laughing with you, crying with you, telling you my secrets, and always having someone I know will always be there for me that I truly miss.
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