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Faithfully [entries|friends|calendar]

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This journal is ours to document and record the memories of our relationship. It's a tool to document the growth, trials and challenges that we've achieved and overcome. This journal has the same purpose that we have in our relationship and our individual lives: To glorify God. This journal is another means to share our hearts with each other, to express cares and concerns, and to offer encouragement. This journal is to be filled with love.


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Dannielle Jason

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06 14 06 - 11:20am]

I'm so sorry.
You gave more than enough.
I appreciate all you've given me.
I don't know why I asked for more...
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Support [
06 09 06 - 11:09am]

In this consumeristic capatalistic nation that we live in, it's a common feeling that we can't work enough hours to just get ahead of the curve... to have enough to get by. It's a good thing I'm the richest man alive, because I have Jesus.

I hate talking about money with my parents, because usually it means I owe it to them. And last night, just that happened. I owe my parents 450 dollars, and I have to take my car into get fixed today or very soon. I hate all the stress that money adds to my life. You never have enough of it. It always finds some way to leave faster than it comes in. And I'm working full time at the movie theater. I worked 37 hours at the theater last week, and I'm on to work another 30+ hours this week. (Our weeks start on Fridays end on Thursdays). I will say that the job at the theater is getting to me a little bit, but I do enjoy it, I enjoy the benefits the people that I work with etc.

The good thing about all the stress of money and work, is that I can handle it. The fact that I can handle it, says something -- It says maturity, security, and that I'm trustworthy. It means that I can take care of myself, and when I can do that, I can take care of others.

Here is my plea: Support me. Be on my side, even when it's not the side that you want to be on. Tell me about the sacrifices you're making for me.
Support me and all the work at the theater that I do
Tell me that you're seeing enough of me
Tell me how you're praying for me and the time I spend with my family
Appreciate me and my bass guitar
The fraternity
my school work
my fantasy base ball team (Heck, watch a base ball game with me!)
Put my (and all the other advice that you've received) advice into action and tell me about a good day at Friendlies
Maybe you could try and find answers to your questions (about work, about your future, etc) on your own, and then you could discuss the answers with me.

Pray for the sun to come out (that might help too! Goodness!)

These are ways that you can show me you care. These are ways to get inside me and help me open up to you. These are indirect methods to get at something directly: my heart.
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As the Days go By [
05 14 06 - 11:45pm]

I said this on the phone to you tonight, and I know you'll never forget it, so I figured I'd post it here, since I haven't posted something here in a while.

"As each day goes by that I'm your boy-friend, and you're my girl-friend, the reality of getting married to you becomes more and more real. As each day goes by, I love you more."

There's also the feeling that I got when I saw the ring on your finger, and just about your ring finger in general

"It just makes me want to love you even more that I do now."
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Poems [
05 12 06 - 7:37pm]

Tell Me Why
Tell me why, the stars do shine
Tell me why, the ivy twines,
Tell me why the sky’s so blue,
And I will tell you, just why I love you.

Because God made the stars to shine,
Because God made the ivy twine,
Because God made the sky so blue,
Because God made you, that’s why I love you.

I want to linger
just a little longer
a little longer here with you

Oh no, I will not cry
this is goodnight
and not goodbye
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Dreams: A poem by me [
05 01 06 - 5:32pm]

Little girls
Dream of knights in shining armor
Mounted on white horses
Who will carry them off
To castles in kingdoms far away
But I dream of you
Standing before me
Inviting me to ride away with you
Into the sunset

Little girls
Dream of handsome princes
Tendering looking into their eyes
With longing gazes and lovesick sighs
But I dream of you
Looking straight into me
Searching my soul
Seeing the very depths
Of my heart

Little girls
Dream of dragon slayers
Fearless, valiant, courageous
Rescuing them from dreadful dangers
But I dream of you
Bold and daring yet gentle and careful
As you turn the key
Unlocking me
Extending your hand
Mine for the taking

for Jason
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Forever, for always, for you [
04 30 06 - 11:01pm]

Did you ever wonder
If dreams could come true?
If love songs and fairy tales
Were ever meant for you?
Did you ever wonder
What's at the rainbow's end?
If Romeo and Juliet
Could ever happen again?

'Til the clocks run out of time
'Til the stars refuse to shine
I will hear you when you call
And I'll catch you when you fall
'Til the rivers all run dry
And the sun falls from the sky
This much I know is true
My love is forever, for always, for you
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04 29 06 - 4:16pm]

I'm awfully sorry for snapping at you.
It always happens, too.
I miss you.
I can't wait until Friday.
I want to talk to you so bad tonight.
You shouldn't care about "walls."
I'm not going to the demonstration tonight.
Cedarville won't let me sleep somewhere other than my dorm.
I hate how scrict they are sometimes.
Come on, I'm 20 years old.
I can take care of myself.
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04 27 06 - 8:53pm]

Forgive me if I don't know how to express how much I love you.
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04 25 06 - 10:42pm]

Stinkin miss you.

Study hard.
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On the Ride [
04 21 06 - 7:43pm]

We don't have to try
To think the same thoughts
We just have a way
Of knowing everything's gonna be ok

We'll laugh 'til we cry
Read each others minds
Live with a smile
Make it all worthwhile

Always knowing we're gonna be fine
Feeling great and feeling alive
Never coming down from this
Mountain were on
The view is so clear
And it's crazy up here
Life is amazing with you on the ride

We don't wanna sleep
Just wanna stay up
There's so much to say
And not enough hours in the day

Life has moments hard to describe
Feeling great and feeling alive
Never coming down from this
Mountain we're on

No time to be lazy
The journey is perfect
The pace is so crazy
The race is so worth it
I will be with you
We'll do this together
Always together

The feeling's so clear and it's crazy up here
Life is amazing with you on the ride
The pace so is crazy
The race is so worth it
Life is amazing with you on the ride
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