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Faithfully [entries|friends|calendar]

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This journal is ours to document and record the memories of our relationship. It's a tool to document the growth, trials and challenges that we've achieved and overcome. This journal has the same purpose that we have in our relationship and our individual lives: To glorify God. This journal is another means to share our hearts with each other, to express cares and concerns, and to offer encouragement. This journal is to be filled with love.


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Dannielle Jason

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Just to hear you call me "Babe" [
04 18 06 - 11:25pm]

What does it mean when I say I love you?

When I say I love you, I mean that I care
And that when you need me, I’ll always be there.
When I say I love you, you’re my best friend
Our forever friendship will never end.
When I say I love you, you’re the one I adore
Lejos de mi corazon, pero te di mi amor.

What I’d give to have you here,
I only long to feel you near.
You’re gentle as the summer rain.
In my heart you’ll always remain.

I want to stick with you, no matter what the test,
For to have you in my life, I am truly blessed.
Love is a word that means grace to forgive.
So let that word be the theme that we live.

Dear Jason,
I love it when you call me Babe. It melts me! :)
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The Pen of Our Love Story [
04 10 06 - 6:38pm]

"Give God the pen. The single reason He gave us the pen was so we could give it back to Him."
-Eric and Leslie Ludy
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12:00:01 [
04 06 06 - 12:00pm]

A Poem by Jason Carbonneau

It's her favorite time of day
It's the instant the day begins
She's energized and ready to go
Awaiting the new day's adventures
She's like a puppy lapping at her master's feet
"Can we go? Can we go? Can we go?"

Her excitement is intense
It's blaring and blinding
It's her passion for You
She wants to share it with every one
She can't wait to be set in motion
She'll chase her tail 'till 12:00:01 comes again.
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Patience [
04 02 06 - 5:15pm]

Before I go to bed
After my bedtime story is read
I rest my little sleep head

And try to unwind
Wondering if I’m on your mind
Like baby you’re on mine

I lay awake the whole night through
Wondering what, oh what to do
Thinking, dreaming, praying for you

And when I finally fall asleep
After counting a thousand sheep
I wake up all alone
And begin to wait by the phone
The whole day through...
Because I MISS YOU

I’m your little waiting Sunshine Girl
But an oyster’s irritation becomes a pearl
And if too soon should sprout a seed
It’s not a flower, it’s a weed.
So I’ll try to remember that
Each time my patience falls flat
Too late...
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This Love I Choose [
04 01 06 - 3:13pm]

This Love I Choose
Princely honor set aside
As He washed the feet of His bride
Pouring out His breath and blood
As a sacrifice for the one He loved

He loved by spilling everything
That’s what I want to do
Like the One who gave it all for me
I want to give myself for you

This is the love that led a King
To choose the road of suffering
Selflessness without an end
Far too great to comprehend

This love that takes the lowest place
Is the love that I now choose
Like the One who gave His life away
I want to give my life for you

His love He gave, no holding back
I long to love you just like that
His love paid the ultimate price
For you I now lay down my life
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Convo [
03 26 06 - 11:25pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

sweetheart, give me time, give yourself time, and most of all, give God the timeCollapse )

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Why I Love You [
03 19 06 - 3:33am]

Dear Jason,
I’m so glad you’re my boo. Thank you so much for sticking with me through melodramatic roller coasters and whirlwinds of a thousand different emotions that crash on me all at once. Thank you for being patient with me! For loving me despite my utterly chaotic and mindless chatter, repetitious, drawn-out stories at all the wrong moments, and for being silly and shallow when you’re trying to be serious and sentimental. Thank you for being open and honest with me and for being such a good listener. You’re someone I can open my heart to, and I know that you’ll open your heart completely to receive, even if it means being vulnerable. I LOVE being vulnerable with you.

When I first started opening up to you, I began to realize how easy it was to have intimate conversations and be emotional around you. Even though you’re sensitive, and I unintentionally hurt your feelings way too much, I love that you’re sensitive.

I love hearing your soft, soothing, gentle voice at night whispering brilliant, challenging, eloquent things in my ear about God and life and love.

I love how you’re goofy and dorky and geeky. You’re a cute nerd... and you’re MY cute Nerd! :P :)

When I felt myself strangely attracted to you in June like a magnet, I couldn’t resist. I dug my heels into the dirt as the force of electromagnetic energy pulled the oppositely charged particles together as I kicked and screamed. But there was another part of me. A part that WANTED to be pulled to you. I was dying to just take you up in my arms, Velcro myself to you, and be stuck to you forever. Even though the loudest voice in my head was yelling, "No! Don’t go! It’s too fast! You hardly know him!" Another voice was saying, "He’s given pieces of his heart away and his purity, too. What makes you think that he could ever love you unbridled and uninhibited? Purely. Passionately. He lost his innocence and it wouldn’t be the reach-for-the-stars-over-the-fence-world-series kind of love." Yet another voice said, "Hey! What ever happened to the tall, dark, green-eyed Spanish guitar player?" But I felt myself giving in to the entrancing, enchanting, enticing hypnotic spell. I DIDN’T WANT TO! It’s just like that song by Judy Garland, "you made me love you, I didn’t want to do it." I slowly caved with tons of caution, care, and taking great concern that I would make the right decisions and not give my heart away to you too soon. I felt myself always desiring to be with you, and missing you like crazy when you weren’t there. DANG… I still flippin’ miss you like crazy. Why you gotta be 800 miles away in Boston? (Makes me wanna transfer or something drastic like that.)

I love how you understand me and you try to when you don’t. You wrote a beautiful letter to Michelle today written from my perspective. You spoke the exact words of my heart as if you became me or dived deep into my mind.

You’re intricate and it’s tricky to go to your level but I love the adventure.

I love how you’re so driven. Driven by what you’re zealous about. You’re extremely hard-working and motivated when you set your mind to it and you’re determined and dedicated to the task you pour your energy into.

Another thing that makes me swoon is when you touch me and move me to tears. You make me melt like butter in a microwave. Sometimes you got me running around like a demented chicken with its head cut off saying dumb things because I’m coo-coo and gaga. Well stop turning me to mush! Wait, I take that back. Never mind. I like being mush. It just killed me when I heard the "I’m going to listen to Casting Crowns tonight” and it killed me when you typed "...and yours' the sweeter, my sweetest of sweet" and I just about died when you called me "sweetheart." It still gets me every time when you say, "I choose you, I love you." I don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing it nor will it ever become cliché.

I love how you come so freaking close to my Future Husband list.

I love how I can trust you and I can tell you absolutely anything. You never get bored or tired of me which is a REAL BLESSING! You are actually interested in all my extensive talking. You actually care about learning my heart, my passions, figuring out my feelings and reaching down deep to help me discover my dreams and to tell me that it’s not foolish to dream big. You tell me to hang on to those dreams that I think are too far away to grasp.

I love that you tell me I’m beautiful and that you won’t let me think otherwise about myself.

I know I have a lot of faults and I’m not afraid to share them with you. Thank you thank you thank you for appreciating that about me. It means a whole heck of a lot. I think that with those two things working together, we could grow at immense rates, as we have. I love how you desire to help me grow and develop my character and NOT accept my flaws but to actively work on changing them, as hard as change is for me.

One thing that totally gets me is your selflessness and your willingness to serve with devotion.

You listen intently without judging. You uplift me, reassure me, and encourage me.

The thing that overshadows all the reasons that I love you is that when I look at you, I see the God that you reflect. It is incredibly apparent to me when I see you that Christ lives in you and is active in your daily journey through life.

Quote by you tonight:

"Give it time
Then you will know
If you are in love with love
If you are in love with me."

*Dreamy Sigh.*
I might just be in love with love...
But then again...
It’s hard to tell isn’t it? ;) ;)


P.S. Call me right after you read this because I have one more thing to tell you.
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Hanson [
03 19 06 - 1:18am]

Well I woke up this morning
And the night had been so long
Seems that I had had my mind on you
Well the day, it has begun, and I can’t get a minute,
Can’t get a minute without you
You’re always on my mind, you’re always in my head
And I can’t live, I can’t live another day without you
’cause when the minutes seem like hours and the hours seem like days
Then a week goes by you know it takes my breath away
All the minutes in the world could never take your place
There’s one-thousand-four-hundred-forty hours in my day
I’ve been trying to call you all day, ’cause I got so many things
That I want to say
I’m going crazy, ’cause all my thoughts are filled with you
There’s got to be some way I can get through to you ohh
I can’t keep myself from thinking about you
It’s because I love you, and I know that it’s true, whoooa
I’ll call it desperation, can’t you see it in my eyes?
That I want be with you until the sun falls from the sky

Dontcha love Hanson?! HAHA. :D
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03 18 06 - 9:34pm]

When you’re in my arms

and I feel to you near to me

I dream of us forever

I wonder if maybe…

You and I were really

And truly meant to be?

Would you ever carve

Our names into a tree?

I think perhaps that I

Will write you a song

About the way your heart

Tells me that we belong

I want to walk with you

and never be apart

I want to grow with you

And slowly learn your heart.

Press the pen to paper

I’ve nothing left to say

Except that I love you

I hope it’s not cliché.
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Dream [
03 16 06 - 12:13pm]

I had a dream 2 nights ago that you were in. You were at Cedarville (although I've never seen what Cedarville looks like) in your dorm room and you were really excited to go home for a weekend. I think it was in the middle of the semester... like March. You were happy, and you weren't homesick.

That's all I remember.
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